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Vision Legal has a highly qualified team who possess significant experience in acting in commercial and property matters. Whether it be the purchase of the first family home or a complicated commercial transaction Vision Legal will handle the matter with care and diligence and provide the preferred outcome.

Areas of Service

  • Buying and selling of residential, commercial, and industrial properties

  • Buying land for property development

  • Buying and solling of business

  • Retail and commercial leases

  • Franchising

  • Tax matters

  • Strata law disputes

  • Bakruptcy and insolvency

  • Company incorporation and trust setup

  • Trade mark and IP license

  • Mortgage

  • Personal property security

  • Commercial loan

Why us?

  • We are commercially driven

  • We are resourceful

  • We have cross-border knowledge and experience

  • We have years of diversified experience in broad commercial fields

  • We advised in wider industries such as foods, finance, manufacture, winery, retails, property development, construction, medicine, and others

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Any further questions about commercial and property?

Contact our friendly team to solve any inquiries on your mind. 

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