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Vision Legal offers a wide range of professional legal services, each suited to meet your needs. Please regard the most frequently inquired cases below. 

Flying Plane


Yesterday, I finally got my permanent residence through Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent Visa.

It was submitted in April 2018. I am a professional engineer. I have been involved in many iconic projects in podcasting (first podcast in the world) and mining fields (I designed the IT architecture for the fifth-largest copper mine in the world).

The Immigration Department refused my application. I was distraught. However, a friend of mine introduced Hugo from Vision Legal to me. Hugo represented me at the review application at the AAT, and he did not disappoint me. He read the laws, prepared submissions, and collated supporting documents.


His works persuaded the Tribunal Member that my significant professional history met the criteria under Distinguished Talent Visa. I am so happy. My family will have a pleased Christmas. We are very grateful to Hugo and his team at Vision Legal.

Jose Antonio Zorrilla Madariaga
25 November 2020

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