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Vision Legal has experienced and competent Lawyers who can act for you in Wills, Estate Planning, Will Disputes and Probate. When you become a client of Vision Legal you have access to the resources of the whole firm without the cost of a big-city law firm.


Our team is highly experienced and disciplined in dealing with disputes and we take a great deal of pride in the positive experience that clients have through our commitment to detail and accountability.


At Vision Legal we don’t just prepare a will we provide comprehensive advice regarding your personal situation and determine the best solution to make sure that you protect both your assets and your family and friends.

We assist and guide you every step in the process in order to achieve the best outcome in a professional and cost effective manner. We understand that it is important to resolve matters quickly as estate lawyers.

Areas of Service

  • Preparing your Will

  • Acting as an Executor of your Will

  • Administration of your estate

  • Defending or making claims upon an estate

  • Keeping safe custody of your Will

  • Preparing Power of Attorney

  • Preparing Enduring Guardianship appointments

  • Setting up various trusts

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Any further questions about wills and estate?

Contact our friendly team to solve any inquiries on your mind. 

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