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Vision Legal gives immigration advice to corporate clients in the context of employment law, business and accounting and manage the immigration needs of corporate clients including compliance with the immigration law.

We prepare visa applications for individual clients. Our lawyers are good at analysing the issues in each visa application and advising its prospect with confidence. 

We provide advice on immigration planning and strategic solutions for clients with complicated circumstances such as lack of evidence of source of fund, poor immigration history, breach of conditions, health issues and criminal records.

We follow MARA's Code of Conduct.

Areas of Service

  • Work visa (482)

  • Employer Nomination Scheme visa (186, 187)

  • Business Skilled visas (188, 888, 132)

  • Parent (143) and Child visa (101)

  • Partner visa (309, 100, 820, 801)

  • Refugee visa (866)

  • Regional visas (494, 491)

  • AAT review

  • Federal Court litigation

  • Ministerial Intervention 

  • Immigration detention ​

Why us? 

  • Adhere to Code of Conduct

  • Strong proven track record

  • We care

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Any further questions about immigration?

Contact our friendly team to solve any inquiries on your mind. 

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