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At Vision Legal our team provide advice on pre-charge process. This includes arrests, questioning, identification parades and forensic procedures. We appear in all types of criminal matters from the local court to the High Court of Australia and we appear in defended hearings, pleas and forensic procedure applications.


At Vision we work with you to analyse and prepare your case for court so that we achieve the best outcome possible. It is our experience that our clients do significantly better when they obtain our legal advice at an early stage of the prosecution.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or have any questions relating to a criminal law matter, please contact Vision Legal to discuss your matter.

Areas of Service

  • Assault and Violence offences

  • Bail

  • Customs Offences

  • Domestic Violence and AVO’s

  • Murder/Manslaughter

  • Firearm offences

  • White collar crime

  • Robbery

  • Fraud

  • Sexual Offences

  • Stalk/intimidate/use carriage service

  • All forms of sentencing

  • Traffic offences

  • Drink/drug driving offences

  • Revenue offences

Why us?

  • Excellent track records

  • Strong team of counsels

  • Your brave defender

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Any further questions about criminal law?

Contact our friendly team to solve any inquiries on your mind. 

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